Debby K's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Links and Acknowledgements

Links to some great Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman related sites:

Joe Lando Friends: A great site with updates on Joe's television appearances, movies, interviews, past and present projects

Sights and Sounds of Joe Lando: Judy's Site spanning Joe's entire career, includes some never before seen interviews, promos, and my favorite Sully moments, particularly "Sully's Kiss."

Friends of Jane: Tiffany's Jane Seymour site, containing many DQ related items and updates on Jane's multi-faceted career.

Official Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Web Page: This is the official Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman web page. There are photo galleries, scripts, biographies, important events in the history of Colorado Springs
contained in DQ episodes, character profiles, trivia, quotes, lots of links and much more. You can also find the tribute to Michaela and Sully which I wrote.

UPTV's Dr. Quinn Fan Page: Favorite fan clips, promotions, sweepstakes and updates on airing the series and movies

INSP's Dr. Quinn Fan Page: information on the series and when it airs.

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia Information on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Background about the show, actors, popularity and future, as contributed by individuals.

Pam's Dr. Quinn Fan Fiction Pam's richly romantic DQ fan fiction stories and novels, including one of my favorites, A Forever Love

The DQ Times: This web site is full of interviews, videos, photographs and profiles of the cast and crew, updates on their careers, DQ reunion and movie information.

Branduin's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Site: Branduin's excellent web page containing much information about Dr. Quinn. There is a photo gallery, fan fiction, merchandise, articles, links and much more.

Internet Movie Data Base Find out about plots, cast, episodes, awards, quotes and much more from the show. Listing for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Summary, episodes, cast, news and the ability to rate the episodes. for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Season by season titles of all episodes and movies in order and dates that they originally aired.

Check out Gemma's outstanding videos below by clicking on their banners:

Dr. Quinn Video Petition (to bring back our show)

Gemma's DQ videos: Updated with a new M&S Kisses video and her version of "Gone With the Quinn"

With Sidsel, Gemma has created the Dr. Quinn YouTube Club. Check out their creative site:

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